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The Stars and Stripes
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Thursday, March 16, 2006 1:27 p.m. EST
'Hanoi Jane' Fonda Honor Withdrawn

I bet this one slid under the radar for most of us. Just happened across it while filing through some of the news sites that I frequent. Can you believe that this measure was actually on the floor of the Georgia State Senate? I know that this really stirs a lot of bad memories for those of us that were around when 'Hanoi Jane' made her infamous journey to Hanoi during the Vietnam War, protesting our presence there and showing her support for the North Vietnamese.

It seems that Sen. Steen Miles, D-Decatur, brought forth a resolution citing Ms. Fonda's work for a variety of charities in the sate of Georgia. As well as being the founder of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.

Sen. John Douglas, R-Social Circle, asked for the vote to be reconsidered. "I can think of no living American who is less worthy of this honor," Douglas, chairman of the chamber's Veterans and Military Affairs committee, said Thursday. "She is as guilty of treason as Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose."

Miles then stated that Ms. Fonda's good works over the last three decades definitely outweigh her actions during the Vietnam War.

Oh really!!!

I am sorry, but at no time in this lifetime will her actions be forgiven to the point that she be persented any recognition as an "upstanding" citizen, to the point where she is recognized for anything on the floor of any state house. Now you think that maybe there might have been some backing for 'Hanoi Jane' by more than just one Democratic Senator, and there was. ONE OTHER, he too was a Democrat. When the Senate voted 48 - 1 to reconsider the measure, Sen Michael Meyer (does that name sound familiar, sorry I digressed) cast the only vote against reconsideration. Even Sen. Miles voted against it going forward. After the vote, Miles withdrew the resolution.

Thank God there are still a few politicians awake out there to recognize stupitity, and deal with it appropriately. Sorry Jane, but not this time. Thank you Senator Douglas.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Keeping It In The Family

Brothers, Senior Master Sgt. Gustavo III Egizi and Staff Sgt. Bruno Egizi are both in the Air Force, both are civil engineers and both are deployed to a forward operating location together supporting the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Doug Nicodemus
U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Gustavo Egizi III Staff Sgt. Bruno Egizi
Brothers Deployed Together

By Master Sgt. Scott King, 40th Air Expeditionary Group

OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM, March 14, 2006 — Gustavo III and his brother Bruno grew up in Atlantic City, N.J. with thoughts of beaches, boardwalks and seaside breezes.

Now, they find themselves both in the Air Force, both stationed stateside at the same base, both in civil engineering and to top it off, both deployed together here supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

The brothers, Senior Master Sgt. Gustavo Egizi and Staff Sgt. Bruno Egizi, with the 40th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Flight attribute their similar choices in life to their upbringing and an older brother’s influence. “I have always shared my 28-plus years of Air Force experiences with Bruno,” Gustavo said. “In hindsight, I think that had an affect on him joining the Air Force as well as coming into the CE field. Our parents raised us to be close – we are a tight knit family and they are very proud of what we do, although they worry about our safety.”

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Can Iran Be Stopped...FROM WITHIN?

For the last month we here in the US have heard nothing but the cries of Civil War in Iraq as "some" sectarian violence evolved after the bombing of a high visibility mosque. We have heard nothing but distain coming from the leader of Iran, who is threatening the world with their nuclear demands. We have seen hords of Hollywood bimbos basking in the limelight as they bash Bush and the administration. We have heard the Democrats weak cries for censorship of the President and everything about his low ratings. But have you heard anything about the possible civil war brewing in Iran? Have you heard anyting about the uprising of thousands of dissatisfied Iranians protesting their countries leadership? Of course not. WHY?

It would appear that thousands of youth across Iran have conducted vicious protests against their country's leadership. Not only against the present "dictator" president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the Ayatolla Ruhollah Khomeini as well. Khomeini was the Islamic revolution founder. Pictures of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were also set ablaze by the protestors. It is reported that the Iranian government has sent thousands of troops across the country to try and repress the demonstrations. The demonstrations were part of the traditional "fire festival" celebration. Iranian leaders have tried unsuccessfully since 1979 to stamp out the annual festivities.

Is this a sign of things to come in Iran? More and more right wing Iranians are bucking up against the leadership in Iran, protesting the slow turn around in economical standards that the present regime in Iran had promised upon his election, that and governments reversal of important reforms brought forth by the previous two leaders.

So things are not all that rosy for the new "president" in Iran. As he still pushes forward with his nuclear plans, he must now learn to cope with the civil unrest that is taking place in his country. Now the question is, do we try to stop him or do we let the growing unrest take its natural course? All attempts to squash the unrest have failed to this point. The government, fearing a total lashing out by the people of Iran, has more on their hands than just the weak EU, and UN. This one could be interesting. Can the radical leaders be taken out by or over thrown by the same people that put him in power? With some outside proding, anything could happen.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You want to broadcast Where?

On March 11th, I posted a story in reference to the al-Qaida snubbing CBS and NBC but plugging Al-Jazeera. Now I understand why they were pluggin it and telling people to watch Al-Jazeera instead. However, it looks like the rag station has hit a few snags in America as they try to spread their trash.

Al-Jazeera Hits Snag in U.S. Broadcast Plan

Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based Arab TV network often described as Osama bin Laden's propaganda outlet, wants to broadcast in the United States but is running into difficulties finding outlets that would allow it to have an English-language channel in America.

According to the New York Sun, a planned Al-Jazeera English-language channel due to go on the air in May has yet to find cable or satellite outlets that would allow it to peddle its wares across America.

The planned network, staffed largely by veteran Western journalists, was supposed to launch in March,...

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Whose Chappaquiddick was Chappaquiddick?

OK, I am not even going to try and disect this one. This is one that you have to read for yourself and then you make your own conclusions. Ronald Wieck, dropped this in on The American Thinker. The title already tells what it is about to a certain extent, I think. Click on the link below to read the article.

Whose Chappaquiddick was Chappaquiddick?

Iraqi Government Clears its Throat

Iraq Foils Al-Qaida Plot to Put Terrorists at Guard Posts

Did you see this one on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or NBC? Of course not. Why, because again it shows things are working in Iraq. Ever so slowly though it may be, Iraq is now starting to take actions on its own, without US or Coalition forces. To think, if 421 al-Qaida members were to actually take over the check points for the Green zone, it would be disastrous. A place where Iraq's government houses it members, ambassadors and ambassadors from other countries in the hands of terrorists would spell the complete and almost immediate downfall of the Iraqi government.

Does this prove that Iraq is strong in its stand on democracy. Maybe not completely. But it sure punches a huge hole in a lot of things that are being said in the MSM. Iraqi Police continue to grow and make their presence felt and seen. Grant it there are still actions taking place within the military and police that allow the "bad" guys in, but they are starting to be filtered out. How? Iraqi's, the common man or woman on the street, are starting to say" look enough, we will not go back to the ways things were." Saddam is gone, or will be before too long. al-Qaida is not welcome and more and more of the terrorist (foreigners) are finding their ways into the Iraqi Prisons and gallows, as was demonstrated today in Baghdad with the hangings of some of Sadar's men being strung up for attacks on the Iraqi population.

As far as the MSM's take on it, it will more than likely land on the negative side with something like "Iraqi Military being overthrown by al-Qaida", "al-Qaida leaders in Iraqi Military" and so on. However, let's step back in time. Let's say Chicago, 1930's era to be more specific. A time in our countries history when gangsters like Capone had free access to the keys of City Hall and a deep pocket for the police department. When one out of every three cops were on the take. Shall we compare ourselves to the plight of the Iraqi's? Shall we compare our politicians to those of the newly formed Iraqi Government? Some corrupt and some not. The ones that are not, are trying to get their country up and running in a manner that is more acceptable to the rest of the world.

When it comes to sectarian violence, what about our own troubles with the various forms or races in our own country, and the violent years that we went through? What about the Civil rights movement? The bombs and carnage that pursued the Civil Rights movement. What about the riots that have taken place in our country, can these be compared to the things that are taking place right now in Iraq? I would say yes, and yes again. Are we that much different than Iraq? When one steps back and takes a long hard look at our country's growth and to that of the young democracy growing in Iraq, there are many similarities that are shocking comparable.

So when you sit back and say that Iraq will never grow into a democracy, and only civil war will emerge, think about what other older European countries said about the fledgling country of America. Have we come so far as to not recognize our own history? Have we forgotten what it took and the sacrifices that were made for us to reach the point at which we declare ourselves the watch dogs of the world? GOD, I hope not. Hats off to the Iraqi Government for standing up and clearing its throat with this dramatic ambush of the terrorists.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lies, All Lies...unless of course they're mine

Bob Schieffer, must have gotten his feelings hurt when Gen Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff slammed the press last weekend on Meet the Press. Schieffer closed out his episode on Face the Nation with a ranting against the top Military Officials saying that they needed to stop trying to sugar coat what is really happening in Iraq. According to Gen Pace last week on Meet the Press, the media will take certain footage of "bad" things happening in Iraq and play and replay those scenes over and over again leading the public to believe that this is happening all over Iraq. Pace also remarked that the media is not trying to provide the "good" things going on in Iraq.

As most of us on the blogging side of the aisle know there are many sites on the web that are promoting the good things that are going on. Many fellow bloggers make it a point on their sites to promote nothing but the good in Iraq and what the military are doing. Also noting that most MSM groups really have it in for the bloggers and how they are able to "scoup" stories or debunk some of the main stream media stories. I would venture to say that the MSM barely takes the time to read blogs on If they did they would be getting some of their information from those that out there on the "frontlines", and not from a reporter sitting in the safety of their hotel room in Baghdad or some other safe place not in the line of fire. If it were not for those brave individuals on the front lines doing what they are doing I would probably go along with the MSM's one sided stories.

Since I started blogging, now about two and one half months, I have come to understand why the MSM is so afraid of the Bloggers. They (we) have a clearer insite into what is going on and are looking at it from a more investigative side of news not a political agenda. As most know, the MSM's ideaology is to serve one purpose and one purpose only, the destruction of the American Mind. In otherwords, they don't want you to think for yourselves. They want to provide you with your knowledge of the happenings in the world.

For every "bad" thing that the MSM runs, I can go online and find ten times more good things that are happening. The MSM can pat themselves on the back for the Dubai Ports Deal debacle, for they only reported on a hourly basis that it was an ARAB country taking OVER the ports. Not that Dubai was only going to be a small part of operations in the ports. By the time that they decided to give a little equal time to what was really taking place it was too late. The decision had been made on Capital Hill. For if they (MSM) had done their job in a unbiased manner, they would have also run on a daily basis that Bill Clinton was advising Dubai on getting this deal and had made hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. When it did come out, only a few of the papers in this country ran the story. It was mainly carried out by the bloggers.

But getting back to Bob Schiefer, when was the last time that he made a trip to Iraq? When was the last time that he went on patrols with the military or Iraqi Police? When was the last time he sat down and talked to the military forces there on the ground? If someone could answer those questions in a positive manner for Mr. Schiefer, I would consider listening to what he has to say. What we are hearing is from the commanders on the ground, the same commanders that the MSM was roping in at the beginning of this conflict when some of them were supposedly saying that we needed more troops on the ground and that we weren't going to make a difference in Iraq. Now they turn around and try to belittle them because they have a different attitude that does not measure up to the story that they want to get out. Bob Schiefer, and other major media anchors have one goal in mind, make Iraq like Vietnam and don't let the American people make up their own minds. If it doesn't have a slam against Bush, don't run it; this is their policy.

I am thankful to the bloggers out there. They have helped me to open my minds eye to other means of information gathering and letting me make up my own mind. True we still have our back and forth discussions on matters, but we let each other make our own minds up with the information that both sides have placed out there to be read. I am not the smartest cookie in the jar, and don't know everything about everything, but I have an open mind and I am willing to listen to both sides of a story before making up my own mind. This is where bloggers, not MSM have helped me out. Even those bloggers that are pro-republicans or pro-democrat differ with their parties from time to time and have a place to say it. Mr. Schiefer, are you afraid of gathering information, real information on the story or are you just going to take some reporters word for it. This is what "Baghdad" Dan Rather did and look where he ended up.

As for the Generals painting a different picture of what is happening on the ground, I will take their word for it as long as I can find the information to back them up. True there are troubles on the ground in Iraq. But they are not the Iraqi's for the better part doing it. They are terrorists and infiltrators coming in from Syria, Iran and a few other countries who are completely against a country, any country, becoming a democracy. Yes, there are some Iraqi's involved, but most are foreigners, but you don't hear that very much. Civil War, Civil War, Civil War is the cry you hear from the MSM, and not much else.

I want to thank Griz at God Bless America, Lone Pony, Crazy Polictico's Rantings, Instpundit, NeoCon Express, Blackfive, Michael Yon Magazine, News Views and Opinions and the Bos'un Locker for helping me along the way since I have started Blogging. There are many others out there as well, but these have helped me understand what blogging is all about. It isn't simply slamming, or bashing like it is on Forums or Chat Rooms. It is intellect at its best, the real American minds and hearts, presenting facts not personal attacks.