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The Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


So far this year, little in Congress has been accomplished, by either side. The Republicans are in charge of all three areas of the decision and law making entities of our government. They control the Senate, be it by a very narrow margin. They control the House, and picked up or retained the four seats that were up for special elections. The Republicans have been getting slow basted by the Democrats at pretty much every turn. As they have slowed Trump's appointments to his cabinet as well as his appointees for Judgeships and US Attorney's. The Republicans have passed, though little mention of it is in the news, some 39+ bills. So when one steps back away from the ill-fated Russia/Trump Collusion or Obstruction charges, what exactly have the Democrats done during their first six months under the Trump Administration?

The answer is nothing of notice. Oh sure they will go along with some of the changing of a local post offices' name, or maybe recognizing a special person from their state on the Senate or House floor. But when it comes to doing the work of the people, that have failed on levels never before seen. The Democrats have been hanging on the "hope" that the investigations into Trumps' team or connections with Russia will bring up something to impeach him over, maybe even on the level of Obstruction of an investigation. All of which have been unproven on all levels by the "Intelligence" community thus far.

The legacy of Obama known as "Obamacare" or ACA, is in a death spin that is obvious to all except the Democrats who stand by their failing program. However, as of late there are some members of Congress that are coming to the reality that they will be having elections coming up very soon as the midterms will quickly be upon us. Some of these Democrats, I will not mention their names as some of them have not stepped forward publicly, are more than willing to step up and work with the Republicans to help accomplish certain bills and items that are directly concerning to their constituents. The President has reached out to the Democrats to join them and work together on replacing the failing Obamacare, to wit the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have said flatly they will not do as long as the repeal to replace terms are in the contract. Little do they realize that they, the Democrats, still own the ACA and everything that goes with it.

Now that we have covered the failing Democrats and their ineptitude to move forward, let's look at the Republicans. Yes, them good ole boys that begged the voters to give them the House, and then the Senate four to six years ago. Then last year, sixteen Republicans took to the field in an attempt to become the

next president. Out of the rubble rose a winner, President Donald Trump. As we all know, if you have followed any social media, there are plenty out there that did not want Trump to get elected, but did. So within the party are those aristocrats that feel they are obliged to obstruct or make every attempt to defame him. You remember, the #NEVERTRUMP folks. The problem is they are, by their own choice, members of the Republican Party. Yes, that includes the ever-rumbling Tea Party Congress members as well. It is an embarrassment to all Republicans that the different factions within the party are at constant odds with each other.

The Tea Party don't agree with the moderates. The moderates don't agree with the hard right, and the charade goes on. Understand this Republicans, you were put there to complete your promises to YOUR constituents. Repeal and Replace Obamacare seems to be your major hurdle. For the last eight years, we have stood by and listened to you want to repeal and replace. For eight years you have had a chance to come together and at least come up with a formidable solution. Sure it would take some tweaking, all bills do. But to have nothing when you come to the table is inexcusable. At one point in the last three years, you actually did come up with a bill for healthcare, which was quickly vetoed by Obama. So at that point, you gave up. But even worse than that, when Trump won the election in November of 2016, you had a solid three months knowing that you had retained the Senate and the House, but again rolled over in your basking in victory forgetting about what you promised. Until after the inauguration.

For three months there was bickering back and forth between the factions about what should be done first. Meanwhile, the President was following through on the promises he made, at least as much as he could without Congressional responsibilities. Then, to everyone's astonishment, Rep. Paul Ryan went behind the back and behind locked doors to come up with his version, not Trumps, of healthcare. To which all kinds of hell broke loose over how it was done. After pulling it from the floor of the House for not having near enough votes, you threw it back out there about a month later. The CBO gave it bad ratings. But then again the CBO has not been right on very much of anything, including Obamacare. Which, by the way, stands up to its normal abilities to look into the future.

So the bill was crammed through with the Vice President breaking the tie (very sad when you have the majority and can't get pass a tie). Then it was thrown to the Senate, where, by the way, almost every Senator said it was dead upon arrival. Not just the Democrats, but Republicans as well. The Senate decided that they would make up their own bill instead of working with the one sent to them by the House. Yesterday, Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said that they were going to have to put off any vote on it until after the 4th of July break. So again, we see that it was done behind doors with limited input and or access. Again, this faction saying one thing and another faction saying another as to why they won't vote in favor of the bill.

I have a direct answer to Obamacare that would take care of all this repeal and replace garbage that no one can agree on. REPEAL it. The government should not be involved in the insurance business. It is not an entitlement, program, or government enrichment. You say, what about preexisting conditions? That could be handled by a simple stroke of the pen. The free market, not government controlled market, is what will bring the premiums down as well as deductibles. The people will determine what level of insurance is right for them by working through or negotiating with the respective insurance companies. It would open up competition among the companies. causing them to look for the lowest rates possible. Prior to the government getting involved, the cost of insurance was not an issue. The cost of drugs was. Here again, the President can establish a regulatory board to watch over the pharmaceutical end of things. Find out why one can go north into Canada and get the same drugs, by the same manufacturer, in the same quantity, for a lot less than what is being charged in the United States. 

Open up the state borders to allow insurance companies to do business across the state lines. This too will allow the costs to come down as it will enhance competition. Leave Medicare and Social Security alone and work the Welfare program a different way. Yes, there are people that will need the assistance of some welfare programs. Supplement the states where assistance is needed, to a certain amount. The government was not established to support all of us as children getting an allowance. The states can still apply for grants for assistance. However, on the Welfare, limit it like you do unemployment. You can get it for "x" number of months and if you are able to work, you must seek out employment. There are too many people that are on the Welfare Program that should not be. They are more than capable of working and should contribute to the betterment of their society. Those that have paid into Medicare and Social Security deserve what they have put in. Most Social Security recipients haven't had a monthly increase in years and when it did come it was swallowed up by the taking away from other benefits.

These are just a few ways that changes could be made. Stop trying to make America a welfare state where the government controls so much of our lives. But, for those that we have elected and placed into Congress to speak for us and do the work of the people. But those that we have elected have to pull their collective heads out and start working together, on both sides of the aisle. There is a movement that is calling for a convention of the states to take action against those in our nation's capital. A movement that is clearly covered and supported in the Constitution. This just might be what needs to be done to get America back from the lobbyists, lifetime politicians and make it clear to them that we the American people are fed up and not willing to accept Washingon D.C.'s inability to accomplish the will of the people.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Politician in Washington D.C., what say you? Do you want to continue to procrastinate or do you want to get off your butts and earn that $100,000+ a year you earn?

 Your choice, our decision. Think about it.