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The Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials have Underlying War Tones

According to Stuart Elliot, of the NY Times, the tone of this years commercials for the superbowl are "perhaps reflecting the toll of War". According to his article, Elliot cited a few of the commercials that ran during the superbowl as coming "across as cruel or callous." Some of the ads that Elliot refers to were ads for CareerBuilder, Bud Light, FedEx, Sprint, GoDaddy to name a few.

Why is it that some people think that the war has to be drawn into everything that is going on. This was a major sporting event, with no underlying war tones. It was Professional Football at it best (or worst depending on who you were cheering for). Although I will agree that some of the commercials came off flat to me, I had no idea that they were transmitting underlying thoughts of the war and those thoughts never entered my mind. Maybe Elliot should take a look at what is transpiring over the internet on sites like MySpace, or YouTube. Or maybe even taking a look at some of the shows on cable like Jack Ass, or other shows on MTV. Channels that for whatever reason, seem to appeal to the younger generation. These shows have more violence or cruelty and callouosness than any commercial I have ever seen.

Could it be because of the decay in morality in our society that some of these "underlying" tones are so easily spotted by the likes of Elliot? Could it be that this nation has drifted away from its original roots, that the MSM has or is trying to dominate our every thought and action? Personally, I opt for the second one as trying to control my thoughts and daily life. I can't answer for everyone in the US, but the way I see it is like this; the government has put its nose into almost every facit of my daily life, telling me that this is bad for my health, or that this will make me live a longer life, don't drink this, don't smoke that, don't eat this, and so forth. And the MSM is the one that is in the forefront trying to shove all this down my throat by reporting on a daily basis all the "terrible" things that are going on out there.

I mean honestly, how often on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC do you see reports of kindness, generosity or just plain old being a good neighbor. Not very often. So naturally you would think that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. When all you hear is doom and gloom, pretty soon that is the kind of mind set that you will have. I am sorry, I thought the football game was a good game, even though my team didn't play; and the commercials were not intended to "reflect" on the war. Life is a dog-eat-dog world, no matter how you cut it. And to me, that is what the ads were implying. You want to get ahead - try this product, you want to be noticed - buy this car, you want a better job - use this service. It is no different than the MSM is doing. One putting the other down so you will watch their channel more than the other, or coming up with some off the wall story to make the other look bad.

So, in closing, I just want to say...nice job Colts...sorry about that Bears...but there is always next year. That is unless the MSM implants it into your mind that the world will end before then.