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The Stars and Stripes
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus steps in it, and the rappers get paid for it

As everyone knows by now, Imus is in deep kimchee for his infamous three words "nappy headed Ho's", and well he should be. However, this is what he has been doing for years. So in reality, this should not have come as a shock to anyone. He has made degrading remarks for over thirty years, from attacking Jews, politicians, and a wide variety of others. So why now all of the sudden is he catching all this flack? More than likely because he addressed them at a group of women that had just made a great accomplishment in the terms of the NCAA, and had not done anything wrong.

Basically, the people are speaking out as well as the sponsors of such programs like that of Imus. However, what about the flip side of this. Most of us know what the words "nappy headed" means. It is a derogatory way of describing members of the black or African American community from their hair. It has been around for years, though to me, I find it very offensive. What about the word N***** (fill in the blanks), another word that the African American community finds distasteful and derogatory, yet is used on a daily basis in the African Community. A term defined in American Heritage Dictionary as:

nig·ger (nĭg'ər) n. Offensive Slang.
Used as a disparaging term for a Black person: “You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger” (James Baldwin).
Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people.
Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people: “Gun owners are the new niggers . . . of society” (John Aquilino).

Offensive? Yes indeed. But if it is so offensive to blacks in general, why do they use it on a regular basis, in general conversation and more so when agitated at another "brother"? Yet, let a non-black say it or use it and all hell breaks out. As for the words "nappy headed Ho's" these too are used regularly by the black community. To me they are just as offensive and more so due to the fact that they pertain only to the black woman. Yet here again, the word "HO" is directed in a derogatory manner toward women, and not just black women. I would dare anyone to pick up a rap or hip-hop CD and find any song on the CD that did not use those words or even worse in their general description of the women in their songs or rantings.

America is being held at a double standard. Is it alright for rappers like Snop Dog and others to defame women by using these words and more? Why? Because they are black? Or is it because if you made them remove the derogatory words from their songs, it would sound more like a church hymn? This is where the double standards come into play. Imus is being raked over the fire and the rap and hip-hop community is being given a green light. Personally, I am fed up with the trash that some are calling songs. We have let things go to such a point that there is no gray area anymore. It is either black or white, right or wrong, or politically correct. But WHO determines what is "politically correct"? The politicians, the rappers, the religious left or right? Or is that simply left up to you and I?

There is the argument that for hip-hop and rap you have to buy into it by purchasing their music. Therefore you know what you are in for. Isn't it the same with radio talk shows? I mean if you don't like what that radio host is saying you can always turn the channel. If you continue to listen to something that is offensive, and then rant about it being done, is like the pot calling the kettle black. It just doesn't float. I can understand the outrage of certain members of the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team. But to claim that it has "scared them for life" is a big stretch. Yes, it took away from the glory that they achieved, but how did what Imus say scar them for life. I would venture to say that most of the black players on the Rutgers Team have heard those words most of their life from their peers. Don't you think that they would have been scared far worse from having these words thrown out there all their life?

If blacks don't want everyone to use these defaming words, they need to cut them out of their vocabulary altogether. For as long as the African American community continues to use these phrases, others will feel that they can say them as well. It shouldn't matter whether or not you are black or white, green, purple or brown. Stop saying them and praising them in your songs black America and maybe, just maybe the rest of the world will get the hint. Sure there will always be those idiots out there (like the White Power movement, or the KKK) that will continue to use these phrases and worse. But for the African American Community to allow Sharpton and Jackson be their spokes persons is really scratching the bottom of the barrel. For both of them have made worse comments about other groups. If you are going to clean up terms used by entertainers (all of them) go all the way and have everyone do it, including the African American community. It is no more proper for you to use derogatory words about other races then it is for Imus or others to use these words about you.

I have many black friends and have had for a very long time (forty plus years), so I don't consider myself a racist, not even in the broadest of terms. I chose and pick my words very carefully. Not because I am afraid of what might happen, but because I try to treat each person with the dignity they deserve until proven otherwise. Even then I don't call them racially slurred names. Does Imus deserve to be fired? That is something that the sponsors and management will have to decide. Should he be forgiven? That is up to the Rutgers Team, not the likes of Sharpton or Jackson or any other self proclaimed protector of the black race to decide. After all he didn't make the comment to you, he made it at them. Stop trying to have it both ways. Let's clean it all up and get on with life, by working together.