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The Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Soldiers View of the Democratic Security Plan

John M. Kanaley is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, serving in Baghdad, Iraq. The views expressed are his own, not those of the Army or the Department of Defense.

H/T to The American Thinker

April 8th, 2006

During the course of war, the minority party has two choices. It can acquiesce to the majority party on war strategy for the sake of national unity, and provide opposition on domestic programs. Or, it can obstruct successful war operations for the purposes of reacquiring power. Since there is an election on the horizon, it appears as though the minority party has chosen the latter course of obstruction over unity. With that in mind, the party has developed a campaign statement disguised as a guideline for national security which they call “Real Security”. The following is an analysis of their main points: The plan opens with, “The first responsibility of our government is the security of every American.” After years of promoting excessive taxation and redistribution of income, they have finally recognized the primary maxim of government’s relationship with its citizens, that of security, not income equality. It is a good start. “Promote alternative fuels and reduce dependence on foreign oil.” Good idea, stick with your strength. They are good at promoting this argument. So far, their plan is moving in the right direction. After criticizing President Bush and pre-war intelligence, the plan goes onto talk about contracts going to “…companies such as Halliburton, KBR…” If their dissertation on national security has to include criticism of legitimate companies, it is definitely off track. The contractors are doing an admirable job for American forces. The quality of food, materiel, and equipment in a combat zone is unequaled in the history of warfare. The contractors are making the sacrifice of being away from family and country for the troops much more tolerable. The opposition’s security plan is losing focus. “And despite record high fuel prices, our country remains heavily dependent on foreign oil because of an energy policy that benefits the big oil interests.” Aside from being another knock on free enterprise, that statement is disjointed and obviously not well thought out. If fuel prices were lower, would we be any less dependent upon foreign oil? The prices are subject to the current supply. If they want to change our dependence upon that supply, they should focus their energy on one of the previous paragraphs outlining their strength—the debate on the search for alternative fuels. “Rebuild a state-of-the-art military by making the needed investments in equipment and manpower so that we can project power to protect America…” Anybody who uses the over-utilized term “state-of-the-art” has run out of purposeful adjectives and has again failed to think the problem through. What does that term mean in this context? Will they make the military more aesthetic? More lethal? Better organized? Since the left despises free enterprise (read Halliburton and big oil), it is very odd they would use the term “investments” when speaking of the military. They only use the “investment” word when it comes to increased government spending. The problem is that they do not want to project power out of fear of alienating world opinion. Instead, they prefer to talk ceaselessly at the UN while terrorists attack our interests, as happened in the 1990s. The plan goes on to say, “Eliminate Osama Bin Laden…finish the job in Afghanistan.” If any statement within their manifesto demonstrates their inability to understand strategy, this is it. Looking back at World War II, if only Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Montgomery planned and executed the capture of Adolph Hitler, think of all the lives, time, and money that would have been saved. Basing your plan on eliminating Bin Laden is not responsible policy. It is an added benefit as we continue to destroy his network, but never should it be the primary emphasis of tactical operations. Concentrating on the pursuit of Bin Laden would distract from the primary mission. It reminds one of Senator John Kerry’s campaign comment that he would not do one thing differently than that of President Bush; he would do everything differently. Aside from pleading with the French to support us, what would those changes be? That is a good 30-second campaign commercial, but once again, it is empty in terms of war strategy.

“…finish the job in Afghanistan.” The terrorist government was overthrown within a matter of months and democratic institutions have been established. Terrorists are being sought out each day. What could the left possibly do differently? “Double the size of our Special Forces.” This is another demonstration of a profound lack of understanding the American military. Doubling the size of any force does not necessarily correlate to an increase of effectiveness in the same proportion. Forces in special operations do great work. But as the name implies, the work within those organizations is specialized; they assist the overall mission, they are never the main effort to successful completion. Relying too heavily upon Special Forces distracts from the conventional purposes of regular forces. “Combating the economic, social, and political conditions that allow extremism to thrive.” The left cannot escape the mentality that criminals or terrorists must have an inner rage formed by a supposed lack of economic opportunity. It sounds similar to their application of the failed analysis and attempted rehabilitation of the criminal caste in America. This is nothing short of saying that their violence is a result of our lack of understanding and a shortage of funding for social programs. The left lacks a basic understanding of the cultural and religious dogma driving the terrorists, or, more likely, they refuse to acknowledge it and hope it will just go away. “Renew longstanding alliances.” Could they be referring to NATO, the organization that we dedicated a half century of funding and military personnel only to be ignored during our hour of need? Or could it be the UN, the organization that turned a blind eye while Saddam Hussein manipulated the corrupt Oil for Food program and turned it into a palace funding vehicle? These organizations are anachronistic and need to be reformed prior to relying upon them and before we continue to dedicate resources to their continuity. “Secure by 2010 loose nuclear materials…” The left is enamored by using “the process” and setting arbitrary target dates. We need to aggressively pursue the terrorists to ensure they never acquire the material, whether it is tomorrow, next year, or 2010. This is why we did not leave Afghanistan or Iraq as soon as their terrorist governments were overthrown. Yet, the left wants us to leave immediately. Who knows what would happen to those materials if we left the region prematurely. “Provide firefighters…police officers with training, equipment, etc.” Sounds like nationalizing departments for which states and municipalities are responsible. This could lead to more bureaucracy, which of course, corresponds to more taxes. “Protect America from biological terrorism…by investing in the public health infrastructure…” There goes that “investment” word in the public sector again. If they used that word in its proper sense in the private sector, they would contribute to a stronger economy. It also appears to be another attempt to nationalize the health industry at the expense of national security. “Responsible redeployment of U.S. forces.” If they have to qualify redeployment with “responsible”, it means a complete, irresponsible, and premature withdrawal before mission completion. This is not effective policy; it is failing to carry through an operation they are now walking away from. “Insist that Iraqis make the political compromises necessary to unite their country…” Insist? Apparently, nobody within the diplomatic or defense organizations realized it was that easy. This is the same logic that produces policy to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. The Iraqis need to figure this out on their own; this is how they will grow into the democratic mind-set. “Hold the Bush Administration accountable for its manipulated pre-war intelligence…” If this is a matter of semantics to avoid the ‘impeachment’ word, they are being irresponsible in a time of war. This is the same intelligence that the French, Germans, and Russians agreed upon. Even the former president insisted upon regime change when he reviewed the identical intelligence prior to September 11th. “Free America from dependence on foreign oil…” This is the only logical statement in their strategy. Again, this is an area that they are legitimately qualified to handle. Perhaps they should concentrate on this and let President Bush and his administration continue to execute this war to its successful completion. This security strategy presented by the Democratic Party is strong on rhetoric and falls short of logic. They have to decide if they sincerely want to win this war for America, regardless of who occupies the White House and controls Congress, or if they are more concerned with acquiring power and following an isolationist policy. Unfortunately, it appears to be the latter.

Good News Has No Meaning to Democrats

For years now the Democratic Party has been harping and ranting over the economy. Doom and Gloom have been the forecast coming out of the Democratic talking points. The Rich get Richer and the poor get poorer, has been the crys from Democratic Senators such as Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid and others. Yet according to all reports the US economy is probably in better shape than it was during the Clinton years with the exception of the price of oil.

The following are stats from U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics:

CPI: +.01% for Feb 06

Unemployment: 4.7 in March 06

Payroll Employment: +211,000(p) in Mar 2006

PPI: -1.4%(p) in Feb 2006

ECI: +0.8% in 4th Qtr of 2005

Productivity: -0.5% in 4th Qtr of 2005

U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes: -0.5% in Feb 2006

Yes, the Democrats have tried to paint a bleak picture of the US Economy. Yet every indicator has us going in the opposite direction. There is very little that the Democratic Party can throw out there to cause it to go the other way. However, it would also seem that the American people are starting to suck up to the idea that we are in a doom and gloom economy. For a majority, for reasons unknown to me, seem to think that we are in some sort of economic "depression". I guess that part of this can be blamed on the fact that we are at war and the oil prices are on the rise (more up and down), therefore striking the pocket book a little harder. However, the US can not control the cost of oil around the world. That is done on the basis of demand and consumption. So for the Democrats to post a sour scenario on the economy just shows that they are really getting desperate in this election year.

And yesterday the Democrats blew their big chance to get the immigration situation under control by voting down the resolution on the floor. A resolution that both party leaders said should pass. Thus putting the immigration problem on hold yet again for another two weeks while the Congress goes on another two week vacation. You know, if I took as many "vacations" as the Congress, I wouldn't have to work at all, for I wouldn't have a job. I recommend a salary cut for the slackers in Washington D.C., earn your pay.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Calling All BLOGGERS, Time To Rally Around The Flag

Wave Her Proudly and Everyday

In which direction are we going? A country that is always ready to stand up and fight for the rights of others is now in a great state of crawling in on itself. I am not talking about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the displeasure of the world with certain things that America does. I am talking about something that has been around since the early childhood of this country. A symbol of its unity. I am talking about the American Flag. The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, the symbol that has waved proudly over schools, courthouses, and embassies around the world and even more so right here at our own homes.

A flag that has been in every major battle around the world for over two hundred years. A flag that has earned the respect of every nation, for a lot of them were set free from terrine by those that carried that flag into battle. A flag that has drapped millions of fallen heros who have fought to keep her a symbol of freedom. A flag that has opend up its arms to welcome millions into this great country of ours and offers up to them the rights and freesdoms that we American have taken so lightly.

Yes, there is a deadly movement taking place today that threatens the very fibers of our nation. As most of you know, or will know soon enough, there are states starting to fall in line one behind the other and remove our flag from its school, buildings and other public places. It started in Colorado and has fiercely been gaining momentum. Why? To suck up to the ACLU and those that want all symbols of our country and what it was built upon removed just to please the illegals in this country. Illegals, not "illegal aliens", are being appeased by the spinless authorities that are incharge of teaching our youth. Hundreds of youth have protested on their own about not haveing our national flag flying over their schools. Millions of illegals have taken to the streets waving every flag except the American Flag. Illegals that want to stay in the greatest country in the world and basque in its freedoms. The freedom to speech, religion, of the press and the freedom to choose.

Most who have visited my Blog know my feelings about the symbol of our nation. I hold it high in honor and respect. I have worn its uniform to protect it from foreign aggressors and attended funerals where its warmth has drapped the cold bodies of those that have fallen protecting her. As a child I pledge allegiance, as a soldier I have saluted her in respect and took an oath to defend the nation that she waves over. Now I am being asked to sit by idlely and watch her be trampled in the streets an removed from public viewing, just to appease a few illegals beause it might piss them off a little and they don't want to acknowledge it as being their flag. Fine if you don't like it get the hell out. For most of you (all, if you are here illegally) were not asked to come to this country. You slithered in like a snake in the night, so that you could make a living and provide for your families. yet you refuse to acknowledge her as the land that has accepted you. You want to dominate her and overwhelm her with your masses.

I am therefore putting out a request to all BLOGGERS, friends of Bloggers and those that use their right of freedom of speech to help speak out and bring this intrusion of ours rights and freedoms to its knees. All you have to is raise the flag as we did so proudly and unified after 9/11. For we are now facing a different kind of 9/11. Show your suppport by blogging. Write your local newspapers and let them know that you are mad and where you stand. Show the Stars and Stripes daily from our homes and on the web and speak out publically against its removal from public and local governmental buildings, and especially our schools. Fly the flag on your car antennas, or decals on their windows or bumbers. Buy flag lapel pins to where on you collars and hats. Help show that we are "one nation under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all." And part of that liberty is flying our nations flag anywhere in America that we choose to fly it.

Below is a great link that was provided to me by The Bos'un Locker. It is a radio talk show host in San Diego California named Rick Roberts of 760 KFMB AM radio. Many of you might already know of Rick Roberts and his stands on how things are going in America, as well as others out there that are doing the same things over our airwaves. Show your suppoprt for their good work and call them, write them, e-mail them. Let them know that you are behind them. Forget about their political agenda, be they Democrat or Republican. We are all Americans at heart, whether we support one party or the other. We must all get behind this or forever cower to the will of a few.

For those of you that visit this Blog on a frequent basis, please pass it along or at least the word that it is carrying. Link to it, copy it, repost it. Thank you for helping bring this to the forefront. For at the rate that states are falling in line behind the removal of our flag it won't take long to become a national epidemic. For all those that are here in this country illegally, you have made a choice to come here to enjoy our freedoms, our health care facillities, our money and good life. If you want to stay get you head out of your a## and show some respect for the country your in. If not, then get the hell out, and go back to the country whose flag you so proudly wave in the Stars and Stripes place. As Merle Haggard stated in a song many years ago, "If you don't love it, leave it. Let this song that I am singing be a warning. When you're running down this country, hoss, you're walking on the fighting side of me." (lyrics from "Okie From Muskogee")

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A Tribute to the Soldiers...till we meet again

While browsing through some of the story items on American Thinker they referred to the following site under the title of "Till We Meet Again". A must see video :

McKinney Admits "Error" With Taxpayer Money

It would seem that Cynthia has done more than just slap around Capital Secruity. It would appear that Cynthia has cheated taxpayers by violating a very strict Congressional Rule. However, nothing has been said about this either other than on a local Atlanta Channel. Amazing isn't it. The same woman that likes to skirt security procedures, hit security personal, throw out the "I'm black" card and have everyone from Danny Glubber to Henry Belefonte do her crying for her. The woman has no shame. Now she uses taxpayers money to fly in Issac Hayes to Atlanta to open a new office. Did she mention that in her little TV press meetings or on TV?

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Monday, April 03, 2006

McKinney Case Goes to Federal Prosecutor

Cynthia McKinney's incident with the Capital Hill Police is moving forward. The case presented to the U.S. Attorney's office came about from a recent scuffle McKinney had while trying to enter the Capital without her identifying badge. Her, McKinney's, defense is that she was touched inappropriately, and stopped simply because she was a "black congress woman". McKinney also tries to fly the childhood reasoning that if others have done it and not been stopped, why can't I.

Can you see the flip side of this as well? Let's say that Cynthia, was allowed to pass unchecked, and something happened to cause the Congress to evacuate the building. I can assure you that Cynthia would be one of the first to step up and call the security at the capital lax and make it a major issue for the security of the Congress. I feel what Cynthia is doing is simply displaying her total disregard for authority. Considering that this is not her first run in with security would tend to lend to the story that she thinks that she is a "privileged" "BLACK CONGRESS WOMAN", and therefore is not subject to procedures and policies established for the safety of the congress and visitors that go there.

Playing the "black card" is about as childish as one can get in the Congress. What it does present is that Cynthia simply can not admit that she was wrong. I guess one could go as far as to say that if I, as a white person, breaks the law or violates certain policies, and I am confronted by a black officer, I could claim racism on the part of the officer. It doesn't matter that I broke the law or violated policies. It is the fact that a black officer stopped me and detained me because I was white. Sound ridiculous? I would hope so. I know that the NAACP would be the first to step out and call it a sham. As a former law enforcement officer and having held a security supervisor's position for over nine years, I know the importance of ID Badges and enforcing policies and the law. Regardless of what a persons status is, be they a politician or be they a regular "Joe" on the street, they must be held accountable to the law. After all isn't this the main 2006 political push by the Democrats, "ACCOUNTABILITY" for the law? Crazy Politico, "America, The Divided", also has a reference to this incident on his site, and verbalizes it much better than I. Face it Cynthia, you can't have it both ways, and throwing this damn "I am Black" crap out there isn't going to cut it. Grow your arse (not the original word I was going to use, but more readable I think) up and take responsibility for your stupidity.

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