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The Stars and Stripes
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Friday, March 02, 2007

They just haven’t got it yet, have they?

An interesting post on the appeared today. And amazingly it or they (Democratic Base) continue to slam each other like they were at the main event of the WWE. The article/post pertains to the vicious attacks on Al Gore and his mystery myth called “An Inconvenient Truth” about global warming, which won a couple of moon-bat awards this last weekend. Their main cry of foul was for the a small unknown organization with a $100,000 budget that issued a press release containing a “smear” on Poor Al Gore, and then have it echoed around the world within hours.

Who was this insignificant organization that has the whole democratic base in an uproar? Surprise, it was The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, from Mr Gore's own home state. Not long after Gore won his lavished moon-bat awards, the TCPR came out with a few minor flaws in the way that “Mr. Environment” actually lives. It was this group that pointed out to America that the lefts star player on the environment was actually an energy hog. The TCRP pointed out that Gore was consuming up to twenty times the normal amount of electricity for his Nashville home than the average American home. Yet they have tried to explain it away with, “he has evened it out with carbon credits”.

The post points out how unprepared the left is to fight back when such “facts” are divulged on the public. These facts have yet to be reputed by the left. The post goes on to explain how many of their “leaders” have been destroyed by the “other side” listing such notables as Max Cleland, Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (Bill & Hillary), Obama, Edwards and Kerry.

It would seem that the writers, Dave Johnson and James Boyce, are more upset at the Democratic Base than they are with the people that released the information. Maybe it is because, as with most of their leaders, they are grasping at straws and hoping they can build a strong structure to surround them. Could it be that they would like to wrap themselves in falsehoods and make believe? The left wishes to impose their junk on everyone else with their own “facts” (most of which has been debunked), but can not handle facts about Al “I am greener than you” Gore.

Dave and James, you can complain about many things, but you can not dispute the facts when they are laid on in front of you. Your party just has a problem with over riding facts about some of your “leaders”. They must “walk the walk, if they are going to talk the talk”.

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  • Thursday, March 01, 2007

    HOA works with USAID to improve lives in Uganda

    As I have mentioned on various occasions, my son-in-law is in Africa. He has served in Desert Storm, OIF and now in Africa working with USAID. Anytime that I can get direct info on him or his mission I will post it. Although he is not in Iraq, that does not lessen his mission. Considering the fact that he is in Sudan on a daily basis, an area that is still a hot bed, he still faces some hostility. His name is Capt. Scott Hagerty, in the article from CJTF they have misspelled his name. May not be top of the line news, but it is family.

    Story by U.S. Army Maj. Greg Tzucanow Bravo Company, 413th Civil Affairs
    Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa

    LIRE DISTRICT, Uganda - Sporadic but heavy rain threatened to make an already challenging day more challenging when U.S. military personnel assisted U.S. Agency for International Development in the Lira district of Uganda in early December.

    The soldiers traveled along the muddy roads that intersect farms, jungle and forest to designated small towns to conduct inspections on current and future water well projects. These projects support a population returning after being displaced by years of war between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan People’s Defense Force.

    Internally displaced persons will soon return to towns designated by the Ugandan government. This is a planned return to normal life for more than two million people affected by the 20-year conflict. That plan includes accessing and preparing chosen sites for the residents’ return.
    “For the towns to survive, they have to have clean and sufficient sources of water” explains U.S. Army Sgt. Somchai Knorr. “We assist USAID by reporting the conditions of existing well sites, inspecting proposed sites, talking with the villagers and then providing accurate assessments on the attitudes of the population”.

    Participating in the projects and providing the assessments hasn’t been easy for the teams.
    “Usually we are on the road early at about 7 a.m. and stay out until 6 pm. We encounter the usual amount of snakes and wild life around the borehole sites, poor road conditions, inclement weather and very curious onlookers,” said U.S. Army Capt. Scott Hagerty. “In the past week we have had to dig our vehicles out of numerous mud holes and deal with broken down vehicles, but that is nothing compared to what the men, women and children go through in the IDP camps.”

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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    We're at War. It's Time To Choose Sides

    With all the doom and gloom coming from the MSM in regards to the War in Iraq, one has to spend a lot of time on the internet to find anything positive in regards to the war. That is unless you go to the Defense Department Sites or millitary sites. However, Lance Thompson at The New Media has come out with a very vigerous and to the point column pertaining to our troops and their mission.

    His emphasis in this article is straight forward and one of the most inspiring that I have heard coming out of a "news" agency, be it large or small, outside of the government sites. Please take a moment and read what freelance writer Lance Thompson has to say.

    Journalists and politicians against the war are always eager to report the latest dismal news from Iraq and just as reluctant to publicize progress. This is not objectivity--it is a bias that alters the perception of the war effort. A situation in which our own press and politicians purposely emphasize the enemy’s triumphs and our failures is one that gives our adversaries tremendous advantage. In the past few months, they have purposely downplayed a series of events that shows we are making progress in Iraq.

    In the first week of January, an American AC-130 attacked al Qaeda operatives in Somalia. Targeted individuals included Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, bomber of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. With strong cooperation from the Ethiopian military, and Kenya sealing its Somalian border, our forces are systematically cornering and killing al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia.

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  • Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    The Hodgepodge of the News

    Wow, talk about things happening in a hurry. How about the DOW closing 416 pts below where it opened (12,632), and all in a matter of minutes not hours. Now I am sure that the west coast favorites, the Democratic party, will jump on this like a run away horse. I am sure that they will try to pin this on Bush as well, coming up with some off the wall accusations. But before they do maybe they need to look at the world economy and stock markets. China's stock exchange took a major nose dive, one that reflected early on the US Stock Exchange. Why is this so though? Maybe because we, to a certain extent, are allowing China and other countries to lead us by the nose economically. The fact of the matter is that the Stock Exchange was due for a drop, according to many economists, but it is not a major recession as most will claim.

    But the sky is not falling. Greenspan made what I consider a very irresponsible comment early on and this also seemed to escalate the plunge. However, on the up side, all economic tables are still in place to enable our economy to continue growing. Don't jump ship just yet. Mark my words the stock market will rebound, it may not be to the same level as before the plunge; but all is still well in the good ol' US of A.

    Then there was the dysfunctional attempt to assassinate VP Cheney in Afghanistan yesterday.

    In the mean time though, it seems that the Democrats are still struggling to find themselves. Things went very smooth for the Democrats in Congress during their first 100 hours. However, that is because they didn't allow the Republican party to make any noise. They shut them out. Then they turned around and said that they are going to run a more open and transparent congress. Maybe they need to get the paint remover out. For it is still the same as it was during the 100 hours of milking the Democrats did. No amendments on whether or not to agree with the presidents "surge", their excuse was," it might cloud the discussion". When this did not pass in the Senate, Pelosi and Murtha teamed up with an attempt to choke the president and "his" war by putting so many exceptions or restrictions onto the funds needed, that it would basically make our troops inoperative in combat situations. This to has gone by the wayside due to the lack of unification in the Democratic Party, and their inability to get any Republicans to cross over. Now they are is serious Perl of loosing the majority in the Senate if Lieberman (I) decides to cross the aisle and start siding with the Republicans. This would be a serious blow to the nose in the air Democrats. Then there is the attempt to rewrite the U.S. mission in Iraq by repealing the earlier stamp of approval by the Congress for the war. The truth of the matter is, the Democrats do not want to have any claim on the war in Iraq, win or loose. They want this to be a purely Republican issue, even though it took a lot of Democrats to authorize this war.

    Then there is the dysfunction between the Democratic Presidential candidates. Obama and Hillary, Edwards and the rest of the world, Dodd on follow the leader. Especially with Hillary coming out early and stating that "Bill is off limits". Sorry your majesty, but Bill is fair game as your cronies proved when they started, or tried to hog tie Cheney in the last election by bringing in his daughter into the debates. Then you have Geffen making remarks about the Clinton's, and then Queen Hillary demanding that Obama distance himself from Geffen for his remarks. Yet, this same person (Geffen) made the Clintons millions in donations during his races and her last run at the Senate, they didn't mind him making comments then.

    Things don't look much better on the Republican side either. McCain's run is on a down hill slide and making certain remarks about Roe v. Wade, the environment, and remarks about former Sec. of Defense Rumsfield, just to name a few. Then there is Romney trying to decide which side he is actually on concerning many issues. With just about a year to go before front runners for both parties will be identified, it could be a wild ride. Giuliani, at this point in time seems to be the lead runner for the Republicans. Could it come down to a Hillary v Rudy contest in 2008? Jumpin politics Batman...could it get any better?

    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    Murtha Stumbles on Iraq Funding Curbs

    Well, it would appear for the moment, that Murtha has stepped on it again. On trying to go it alone, he has turned both the wrath of the republicans and some of his own party against him, and outraged many from the democratic base. Click on main title to go to story.

    This is just another demonstration of the divides that continue to grow amoungst the Democrats in Congress. Their failure to coordinate between themselves makes it so easy for the Republicans to snipe them and their plans. Many of their base continue to undercut those in the Democratric party. Evidence of this is greatly observed by checking out some of the liberal bolg and web sites.

    Democrats Were Ill-Prepared for Unplanned Disclosure, Republican Attack

    The plan was bold: By tying President Bush's $100 billion war request to strict standards of troop safety and readiness, Democrats believed they could grab hold of Iraq war policy while forcing Republicans to defend sending troops into battle without the necessary training or equipment.

    But a botched launch by the plan's author, Rep. John P. Murtha (Pa.), has united Republicans and divided Democrats, sending the latter back to the drawing board just a week before scheduled legislative action, a score of House Democratic lawmakers said last week.

    "If this is going to be legislation that's crafted in such a way that holds back resources from our troops, that is a non-starter, an absolute non-starter," declared Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah), a leader of the conservative Blue Dog Democrats.

    Murtha's credentials as a Marine combat veteran, a critic of the war and close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) were supposed to make him an unassailable spokesman for Democratic war policy. Instead, he has become a lightning rod for criticism from Republicans and members of his own party.

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