As the Title suggests I am a vet, and proud of it, and proud of all those that wear the uniform of the United States of America. You name it we'll talk about it. Politics, sports and much more. However, I am also very interested in what is happening to this great country of ours, politically and socially...So SOUND OFF PRIVATE!!!

The Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes
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Friday, May 05, 2006

A Salute To A Fellow Blogger

Today, I am going to stray away from my normal ranting and commentary on news events to prop up a fellow Blogger. Griz, at God Bless America. One does not necessarily need to serve in the armed forces of the United States to be a patriot. Griz is standing proof of this. Although Griz and I have never personally met, I visit him quite often. As I started blogging back in February, God Bless America was one of the first places that I visited.

Griz's blog is one that is informative with some of todays headliners, but at the same time he takes us away to a more simple time and place, through his pictures. From some of his various contacts with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has shared some of their e-mails with those of us in the world of blogging. One story, that really made me think of "is it all words or is there a real desire to do your part", took place back in March (I believe). Griz had been communicating with a particular troop and had invited him to give him a call if he was ever in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Well, one day Griz received a phone call from this contact and stated that he was at the airport on a layover between flights and would be leaving shortly. Griz, having received this message, jumped in his car, drove to the airport and hunted down his contact and shook his hand before he took off.

I haven't heard of many people saying that they support the troops doing this. There may be others out there that have done this as well, but Griz is the only one that has communicated this to others (that I know of). Griz has, on a consistant basis, always expressed a true support for the troops by his posting, poems from troop contacts, and his always wonderous and beauty filled pictures from north Texas.

For those of you that haven't visited Griz's site, I encourage you to do so and often. I think you will find that Griz always tries to put things in a perspective that only he can do. At the time of this posting Griz doesn't know that I am doing this "special post" in his honor. Hopefully, he will not find it offensive, or as trying to glorify him. It is just a true expression of thanks from a vet that thinks he deserves a big pat on the back, and a thank you for his true belief in our troops and their cause; and a willingness to go that "extra mile" to let them know that he is there for them. Thanks Griz. God Bless.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Right or Wrong?

Well folks here we are, May 1st. Millions of our kind Hispanic friends are planning on marching in force today. Plus they are planning on boycotting purchasing any products today. Not showing up for work, ditching school, blocking traffic in major cities and byways. Yes, this is there way of making there way into our hearts and gaining citizenship in the US of A. And you know what, they will probably get what they are wishing for. Yet then again they might get something that they are not wanting. Fired, suspended, zero's in classes that they ditch. Yep, some companies and schools are finally getting some backbone. If you don't show don't bother coming back, amigo. At least to some employers that is the stance they will take. Yet again there are more companies out there that are going to close the business today so that their illegal base can go out and march.

Heck, some places are calling this a "Mexican Holiday". I have an idea. Instead of taking today off to march, why not just take the rest of the year off and GO HOME TO MEXICO. Please don't give me that BS about how they deserve to be here, or how they contribute so much to our economy. I know all that crap. What puts a burr under my saddle is the fact that they are using these organized tactics, when they have no rights under the US Constitution to even be here. Yet, we have companies and cities, and yes, even a state backing their "ILLEGAL" actions. I say that we boycott all those companies and cities and so forth that are supporting their illegal antics. I can pretty much bet, and feel comfortable about it, that there will be more MEXICAN flags being waved than American. There will be more "this is my land not yours" signs, than "together we can make America better."

Recently, I broke the law. I was stopped by an officer, issued a ticket and told when the court would meet. Just as the law specifies. I was also informed by the officer, and not harshly, that failure to appear could result in a bench warrant being issued for me and my license being suspended until the matter was taken care of. All of this is rightly so, in accordance to the law. Yet, I am being discriminated against by the same people that write and enforce these laws. How? I hold a legal state license, pay state and federal taxes on everything that I buy. Have taxes and other supportive monies withheld from my paychecks, including health insurance, FICA, etc. Yet, if I fail to show for the court or pay the fine, I will be arrested. Here we have millions upon millions of "ILLEGAL ALIENS" that have broken the law, put a tax on our health system, and they are being given a green light to continue breaking the law.

I know better than most, that arresting all of them and shipping their butts back to Mexico or where ever they came from, is not a very plausible or feasible idea. However, if we can sit back and watch these ILLEGALS continue to commit crimes in our country, how can we then turn around and enforce other laws that are on the books? Are they above the law? Are they going to be compensated for their illegal actions? Probably. And our government is allowing it with open arms. OK, I am through with the ranting. Have a Great Day America.

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